Accounting & FinanceWorkplace Wellness: Time to Get Strategic

How wellness programmes can improve attraction, engagement and retention.


“65% of millennials highlighted the significance of a good wellness programme in influencing their choice of employer.”

Looking after your employee’s health and wellbeing can positively impact your retention rates and ultimately the bottom line.

From our research, we’ve found a deliberate, holistic and strategic approach to wellness is needed to do this.

Workplace Wellness: Time to Get Strategic

In this whitepaper, you’ll find our analysis of emerging wellness trends. You’ll also access evidence-based workplace wellness research that'll help you:

  • Identify the drivers that are shaping workplace wellness programmes
  • Explore how employers can benefit from these changes through the lens of the employee-employer journey
  • Provide proof from secondary sources and expert interviews as to why companies need to make wellness a strategic priority. 

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