Accounting & FinanceSalary Guide 2018

Accounting & Finance

On the Industry Accountancy side, there has been considerable growth in the Financial Services, Telcos & Tech sectors which is set to persist for 2018. The Financial Services sector has seen the most growth and is currently the most buoyant.

Ireland continues to attract, retain and develop in these areas thanks to continued Foreign Direct Investment. The impact of Brexit has been felt mostly in Financial Services but we expect this to expand into other sectors in the coming months.

Our 2018 Salary Guide provides an overview of salaries across a range of roles and sectors within SME and LSE organisations, as well as industry trends, the most in-demand job titles in each sector and predictions for the year to come. It is designed to provide a guide on salary trends and help you to understand the value of your own role and how to win the battle for the very best talent.

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